Thursday, March 11, 2010

Splash Dress

pic credit to BeyondBlackDreams

Purchase from: BeyondBlackDreams

made of lyrca + cotton

fits uk4- uk8

Bought at SGD 26 = RM62.40+ RM15 (Postage)
Price:RM55 (Included POS XPRESS only)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


pic credit to PINEBERRY

Purchase from: PINEBERRY

Bought at RM39+ RM8 (Postage)
Price:RM40 (Included postage)

*** NEVER WORN ***

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lace Stocking

pic source : Google
Last pic credit to -
Purchase from: Online

made of lacey

fits uk6-uk10

Bought at RM29
Price:RM18(Not included postage)

*** 100% same as the 2nd picture ***

--- Reserved by Esther ---

Soda Pink Sweater / cardigan

pic source : Google
Purchase from: SODA Mid Valley outlet

made of
Quality thick cotton,wool

fits XXS-M

Bought at RM80 NETT
Price:RM55(Not included postage)
Negotiable but please be reasonable.

Pinky Sweet Sunday

Purchase from: Bangsar

made of Quality comfy silk as shown

fits XXS-M

Bought at RM75.90
Price:RM50 (Not included postage)
Negotiable but please be reasonable.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Room 127 Fringe dress

pic credit to Beautiful Disaster

Purchase from: Beautiful Disaster

made of Quality leather / PVC

fits uk6- uk8

Bought at RM50+ RM6 (Postage)
Price:RM50 (Included POS XPRESS only)

*** NEVER WORN ! JUST RECEIVE IT TODAY ! Very nice piece and GOOD quality but a lil bit loose for me :( ***

Bubble trouble maxi

pic credit to Bubble trouble

Purchase from: Bubble trouble

A very sweet bohemian like maxi. Comfy and elegant at the same time :)
A combination of bright attractive colors would definitely turn heads :p
Like the model, you can wear this outfit with a headband :)

made of Cotton

fits uk4- uk8

Bought at RM40
Price:RM40 (Not Included postage)